Member Relations Procedures

West Hills Co-op

Member Relations Procedures

Any member who feels upset about the behaviour or actions of another member, the member's family or guests, should first attempt to resolve the problem personally.

1. Receiving of Complaint by the Committee

a. A complaint may be received by the committee in one of two ways:
  i. It may be forwarded to the Member Relations Liaison by the Co-ordinator following discussion of the matter between the member making the compliant and the Co-ordinator.
    ii. It may be submitted in writing, directly by the member making the complaintto the Chairperson of the Member Relations Committee.
b. The Complaint form designed by the Committee should be used.
c. The Member Relations Liaison will make every attempt to ensure that the complaint is followed up promptly.

2. Assigning Interviews

When assigning a Committee member(s) to investigate a complaint, the Chairperson will take into account equitable distribution of the Committee workload and the ability of the Committee member to maintain an unbiased role.

3. Dealing with a Dispute

  a. The Committee member(s) will explore the nature and a causes of the problem(s) giving rise to the complaint and discuss possible resolutions. Subsequent meetings with one or more of all of the parties involved and in some cases, with other co-op members may be necessary to resolve the problem.
  b. If all parties to a complaint wish to meet together to resolve a dispute with the assistance of the Member Relations Committee, two or three Committee members will assist.
  c. The aim of the process is to arrive at a mutually agree upon, written resolution to the dispute.
  d. When the Member Relations Committee members have concluded their investigation of the complaint, the Committee will meet to decide what, in its opinion and in accordance with the co-op's By-laws and Procedures, is a fair resolution to the complaint.
  e. The Member Relations Committee will draw up a settlement agreement to be signed by all members who are party to the complaint.
  f. In cases when the resolution seems to require professional help, the interview(s) mayrefer the member(s) to the appropriate agency. In no case should the interview(s) attempt to offer such help.

4. Reporting

  a. The Member Relations Committee will maintain confidential written reports of all investigations in files in the co-op office.
  b. When referring any complaints to the Board, or at the request of the Board, the Committee will provide a written background report to the Board containing the information the Committee has gathered about the dispute.

5.   Member Relations Committee Meetings

  Regular meetings of the Committee will be held to:
  i.   receive reports from Committee members concerning complaints interviews and decide settlement agreements;
  ii.   provide ongoing education for Committee members in conflict resolution and investigative and mediation techniques;
  iii.   discuss distribution of workload; plan committee activities