Parking By-law

West Hills Co-op

By-law No. 2
Parking and Vehicle Control


1.0 Space allocation

1.1   One private parking spot shall be allocated in front of each unit.
  1.2   Parking will be limited to one (1) car per licensed driver per household. Member vehicles may park in allocated Visitors’ parking on a first-come, first-serve basis. Any additional vehicles must be parked permanently off site.
  1.3    The Board of Directors reserves the right to deny privileges for a third household vehicle if adequate parking is not available to legitimate visitors and other members.

2.0 Residents Vehicles

2.1   No unplated vehicles may be parked on Co-op property.
  2.2   Vehicles that are not in running order may not be parked on Co-op property for more than thirty (30) days.
  2.3   No vehicles may be kept on Co-op property for the purpose of re-sale, Members may not operate as car dealers, either formally or informally, using Co-op property.
  2.4   Current vehicle registration and insurance are to be provided annually in September, and within two (2) weeks of any changes or additions.
  2.5   In the case of vehicles owned by parties other than West Hills members, if said vehicle is normal and regular mode of transportation for the licenses and is not in addition to the resident’s vehicle, the plate number and vehicle registration will be submitted according to section 2.4.
  2.6   Vehicles of long-term guests must be registered with the Board of Directors when notification is given regarding identities and length of stay of guests.

3.0 Commercial and Recreational Vehicles

  3.1   Any vehicle in contravention of the Dangerous Goods Act or City By-laws W regarding hazardous or dangerous materials is prohibited.
  3.2   Any vehicle containing accessible materials or tools that the Board of Directors considers potentially dangerous to any member or their children is prohibited.
  3.3   Any vehicle greater than 2Oft in length or 8ft in height may not be parked on Co­op Property.
  3.4   No Recreational Vehicles, Boats, Tent Trailers, or Trailers may be parked on Co­op property for more than 24 hours.

4.0 Repairs

  4.1   Members are expected at all times to keep their vehicles in such a state of repair that they cause no fluid leakage onto asphalt or cause excessive noise.
  4.2   Only minor maintenance may be performed on Co-op property. Major repairs may not take place on Co-op property at any time.
  4.3   No vehicle may be left unattended at any time in an unsafe position such as jacked up or on blocks.

5.0 Parking

  5.1   Vehicles may not be parked on any internal road. These roads are designated as fire routes.
  5.2   Parking may ONLY occur within designated spaces.
  5.3   Members are responsible for informing their visitors of regulations.

6.0 Speed Limit

  6.1   The speed limit on Co-op property is l0 km/hr, which is to be strictly adhered to by members and their guests.

7.0 Enforcement

  7.1   Three members are to be chosen from the membership by the Board of Directors to include at least one (1) Board Member and shall be authorized to call the City of Hamilton By-law Officer to ticket violators. Other members should contact any of the above if a violation is observed.
  7.2   In the case of Co-op by-laws which do not fall under City of Hamilton by-laws, violations shall be reported to an authorized member described in section 7.1.
      1. Member responsible will be informally approached and asked to remedy the situation.
      2. Failing part i) above, a written request to cease and desist will be sent to the member by the authorized member with a copy sent to the Board of Directors.  
      3. Failing i) and ii) above, members will be brought before the Board of Directors so that a satisfactory resolution may be made.
      4. Failing iii) above, the Board of Directors may begin eviction proceedings  or any other action the Board deems appropriate.
  7.3   Any deviation from this by-law must have prior written approval by the Board of Directors.

The Co-ordinator will make regular periodic inspections of vehicles parked on Co-op property.


This By-law was approved at a Meeting of the Members held on March 26, 1996.