Leadership at West Hills Co-op

West Hills is a co-op, incorporated in 1984. Currently we have 48 units with over 75 members and their families.

West Hills also has an administrative coordinator. His name is Peter Beader. His office hours are every Tuesday and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

West Hills Co-op has a Board of Directors consisting of 7 "directors" elected for 2 years terms. Each year, in June, the co-op holds elections for these positions. Any members "in good standing" (meaning, not behind in housing charges, not on a performance agreement, not having broken any by-laws, etc.) can run for a position. Generally speaking, there are three or four positions open each year, since the two year terms are "staggered" so that there is always some of the "old" board left over to carry on business with the "new" board. In this way, consisitency is maintained.

West Hills also has a thriving Committte structure administering to many of our needs. These committees are democratically run holding elctions every year for the chairperson of each committee. They meet once a month to plan and co-ordinate their respective activities. Our committees are just one of the many reasons why we are successful as both a business and a community.