Application Process

West Hills Co-op Application Procedures


Step 1

Take our Visual Tour of a unit. We have very few units available at any one time (in most cases there are no units) to inspect. The visual tour will give you a sense of what each unit looks like on the inside.

Step 2

Browse our Floor Plans of each type of unit that we have. They include dimensions, window placement and size, etc.

Step 3

Drive, or walk, to our location and observe the units from the outside, noting the type of neighbourhood, the closest ammenities, schools, etc.

Step 4

Please read the Information for the Applicant and our Member Expectations as well as a summary of our Application Process.

Step 5

Please read An Introduction to Co-operative Living at West Hills Co-op. Co-op living is not for everyone, and is best to discover this before you arrive here at West Hills.

Step 6

Fill out our Application for Membership online and print it off. Use the "tab" key to move between fields of the form. Simply click your mouse to enter a check mark beside a question that requires such an answer, and choose "yes", or "no" in the questions that provide those choices.

Step 7

Obtain a letter of reference from your current landlord stating that your rent is paid in full and up to date.

Step 8

Obtain a verification of your income. Either a copy of your most recent pay stub or a letter from your employer on company letterhead.

Step 9
Come to our office at 701 Stone Church Rd. W., Hamilton, ON on either a Tuesday or Thursday between the hours of 8 and 5, but not between 12:00-1:00 p.m. with your completed application (including reference letters and verification of income) and $15.00 per person applying for membership. The office is located on the right hand side of the complex as you enter off of Stone Church. It is in the lower level of the second set of units on the right hand side. There is a sign designating its location. (Look for the "Stop" sign in the centre of the picture is just past there and down the stairs).
Step 10

If passed through this part of the process, you must attend 2 interviews, on the same night, where members of West Hills belonging to the Membership committee will be "asking" you about you, about your family, and about your values concerning co-operative living.

Step 11

Please read our Schedule A "Occupancy Agreement" to West Hills Co-op Homes Inc. in preparation for your arrival. This will be your first signed agreement. It is best that you fully understand what you are signing.

Good luck, and hope to see you soon