Application Process Summary

West Hills Co-op Application Process

1. Application

The first step in the application procedure is for the prospective member to complete and submit to the membership committee an initial application form. This form deals with general household information (i.e. family size, family income, unit size requested, etc.). Upon receipt of this form, the Membership Committee, through the Co-op coordinator, arranges for an interview with the applicant(s). The interview process allows for the Membership Committee to meet personally with the applicant(s) thereby allowing for a more detailed assessment of the applicant(s) with regard to their interest in, and current knowledge of, co-operative housing. If the interview is viewed as a success by a majority of the Membership Committee present, the Committee will recommend to the Board that the applicant(s) be granted membership status to the co-operative. Once accepted, the new members select a unit and complete a more detailed family information package (the white form).

2. Verification of Income and Employment

Part of the application process will be to provide to the co-operative a signed letter from the applicant(s) employer(s) confirming employment income, or if the applicant(s) are unemployed or are receiving social assistance in one form or another, they must furnish some proof of income to the co-operative before an application for membership will be considered further.

This step is taken so that the co-operative will be assured that the applicant(s) will be able to sustain housing charge payments without experiencing financial hardship in other areas.

3. Unit Allocation

Given availability, the member will be able to choose any unit they so desire. Unit size, however, must be commensurate with family size (i.e. one or two persons should not occupy a three bedroom unit).

4. Member Loan

As set out in By-Law 4 (Occupancy Agreement) all members shall be required to pay a sum equivalent to one month's housing charge as a member loan. This money is for use by the co-operative, but will be returned to the member when membership status is revoked and the member leaves the co-operative, provided that the member leaves the unit in a condition acceptable to the co-operative and that all housing charges are paid up to date of vacancy.