Member Expectations

West Hills Co-op

West Hills Co-op Member Expectations

It is the responsibility of the member to maintain his assigned house in good condition at all times and upon vacating the house to assure that it is clean, in good repair, and suitable for the re—occupancy.

The member shall be responsible for all damages to Co—op property arising out of accident, negligence, or abuse by himself, members of his household, guest or visitors.

Members are expected to leave a spare key with a neighbour or in a hidden place in case of lock out.

The members shall be responsible to repaint their unit when required, every third year, but not less than every fourth year.

Members wishing to alter their unit (for example by finishing their basement), will be required to follow the procedure outlined in the Maintenance Policy.

If unauthorized work is carried out, members will be required to return that portion of their unit to its original state at their own expense.

The member is responsible for damage to floor coverings caused by accident or abuse.

Members are responsible for the cleaning of carpets at least once each year.

Members are expected to do small repairs or replacements themselves.

Members should become thoroughly familiar with the appliance manuals so as to avoid unnecessary calls due to misoperation.

Service costs due to misoperation or abuse will be charged back to the member. Please check for fuse problems and replace at own expense.

The finishes of fridges and stoves should be cleaned on a regular basis with a non—abrasive cleanser to prevent scratching.

If a member is able to change a leaky tap washer, he is urged to do so. Otherwise, leaks and dripping faucets should be reported immediately to the Maintenance Committee.

If a clogged drain or toilet cannot be relieved with a plunger the member should call the office and a maintenance volunteer will be contacted. Members will be charged for repair if they are at fault.

Members are expected to change furnace filters as required.

If members detect gas they should leave unit immediately, alert neighbours and call the gas company.

Back yards shall be cut by the member at least bi­monthly.

Snow clearing of steps, sidewalks and driveways is the responsibility of the member. assistance to the Handicapped units as required.

After a snow fall, roadway running through the co—op will be cleared of snow to allow cars to exit. Cars should then be removed from the lots to allow more thorough cleaning

Where cars are not removed, it will be the owner’s respon­sibility to clear snow which the plow cannot reach.

Garbage must be properly tied in plastic garbage bags or cardboard cartons. News papers must be bundled and securely tied, when put out for pick up.

Garbage must be kept in proper metal or plastic cans in own fenced back yard unless stored in members basement.

No garbage at all is allowed in front yard.

Members are required to give 60 days notice of move—out.