Occupancy Agreement

Schedule A
Occupancy Agreement
West Hills Co-Operative Homes Inc

  If you are receiving housing charge assistance, "Terms of the Member's Housing Charge subsidy, Appendix"is part of this agreement.
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List each member in the member unit   1. __________________________
  2. __________________________
  3. __________________________
Address of Member Unit   _____ - 701 Stone Church Rd. W.
    Hamilton, Ontario L9B2N____
Date of Occupancy:   ______________________________
Membership Terms:          
  1. The co-op gives you the right to occupy a unit.
  2. The main terms of your occupancy rights and obligations are contained in the Occupancy By-Law.  The remaining co-op by-laws also contain rights and obligations of members.  You agree to obey all co-op by-laws and decisions made by the Board and co-op members.
  3. Under the Co-operative Corporations Act and the co-op’s by-laws, the co-op can change the terms of membership and occupancy.  You are entitled to a notice of all general meetings where members will decide on these changes.  You are also untitled to attend and vote at these meetings.  You will be bound by these changes even if you do not agree with them.
  4. If there is a conflict between the co-op’s by-laws and this Agreement, the co-op’s by-laws, including the appendices, have priority.
  5. You agree to take the unit assigned as is and with the co-op’s help you agree to restore and maintain the unit to standards set by the co-op members.
  6. You agree to Participate: Members must attend all General Members Meetings and take part in the activities of the co-op. (Participation is used to maintain and operate the co-op.)
  By signing this agreement, you acknowledge receiving a copy of it.  You are responsible for reading and understanding this Agreement.  You are entitled to ask any questions and to have them answered.
Signature of Members:   ______________________________
Date:   ______________________________
Signature for the Co-op:   ______________________________
Date:   ______________________________